Michael Logue

Musician. Web Designer. A passionate & talented musician for over 30 years, Michael started out with classical guitar lessons and he quickly moved into the realms of rock, folk, blues, funk, jazz & world musics. Michael graduated from Indiana University with a Major in Psychology and a minor in Jazz music. In 1998 Michael received his Certificate in Audio Engineering from the California Recording Institute in San Fransisco. From 1998 — 2003 he held top recording studio instructor positions at both California Recording Institute and Expressions College for Digital Arts in Emeryville, CA. He has engineered at many recording studios in the S.F. Bay Area: The Plant, Coast Recorders, Different Fur, Skyline Studios, Dogstar and others. Michael co-engineered San Francisco’s KFOG “Live from The Plant” broadcast with Manny LaCaruba featuring John Popper of Blues Traveler. Michael taught Session Engineering and Maintenance Engineering at Emeryville’s Expression’s College for New Media and California Recording Institute.

For 4 years he co-produced a nationally syndicated radio show called “25 years Of Hits.” Addi- tionally, Michael works with a variety of established local artists and international award-winning artists. Michael enjoys producing solo musicians & bands from a variety of genres. He has been for- tunate to work with: Alela Diane, Paige Anderson & the Fearless Kin, Perry Mills Project (with Michael Manring), Simrit Kaur, The Ginger Ninjas, Catherine Scholz, Isaac James, Jared May, Justin Ancheta, Alisha Manner, Banner Mountain Boys and more. Also working in the realms of sound healing he created Binaural backdrops for Patt Lind- Kyle “Heal Your Mind, Rewire Your Brain”, Dr. Emmett Miller’s “Sleep CD”, and helped master Ajeet Campbell’s Elemental Balance CD and they are in the process of producing a new set of tracks based on the spectrum of light translated into sound. He brings his wealth of knowledge & experience to all his sessions and his classes.